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I am Vince Raulerson, the founder and DJ personality for Raulerson DJ Services.  In June 1977, at the age of sixteen (16), I started this mobile DJ service while working in the evenings at an AM radio station in Jacksonville, FL.  I was the youngest DJ employed there.

Experience has taught me that it is not about me; instead, it is about you!  You are the main focus.  I am involved during the planning of your special event until the end.  Every form that is filled out by the customer(s) via the website, automatically comes to me.  If I have any questions or not, I contact the customer by telephone to confirm and make sure that I have a clear understanding of what you want.  A customer can call or e-mail me at any time if there are updates, questions or comments for me.  Before your special occasion, a complete understanding of my duties will have been reached.  During your event, I execute and make it happen and leave room for any changes of plan.

Remember! It's not about me.  It is all about you.  These are only a few reasons for choosing me, Vince Raulerson.
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