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 Step #1 Service &  Prices

These are common questions that are always asked: (1) "How much or what will be the price of my event? (2) "What service will I receive?" The below events and prices are based on a four-hour-service starting Price please note that the only amount that is due when signing agreement will be your $100.00 non refundable deposit which is deducted from your balance which balance can be broken down how ever you would like to pay for example if your wedding amount due is $400.00 and your wedding is 1 year away it's ok to make payments in the amount you would like to pay which you must be paid in full before your event.  

 Wedding Ceremony: $150.00  

  Wedding Receptions: - $500.00 

 Anniversaries: $400.00 

 Birthday Parties: Ask about pricing 
- No Items -

 Class/ Family Reunions: ask about pricing 

 Corporate Parties: ask about pricing 

 Karaoke ask about pricing 
- No Items -

For more information about lighting effects, packages and
additional sound equipment, please call 386-239-0032
You can also email me at vince@raulersondj.com
Again, Thanks.